=DRAG=Harntrox: mod design and project management, new maps, mission scripting, weapon performance and stats, original music and all harn_ sounds, some inventory bitmaps, new textures, some vehicles, weapon, item modelling: SA80SD, M4 SR47, M4 Masterkey, WA2000 and RT20 by Harntrox (making use of some of Raven's scopes hehe) MI24 Hind variants, 4x4 truck and M35 covered truck, bat, knife created by using various 3rd party 3DS models from the public domain

=DRAG=Raven ( Ravenmouth.org ): Weapons, vehicles, inventory bitmaps (pretty much anything that is prepended with drag_ ), and video rendering.

OMEN Maul (All weapons are modeled by OMEN Maul unless otherwise noted) as well as inventory bitmaps
OMEN Hotshot: G36, AEK, CZ700, TRG42, AGRAM, FAMAE, VAL, FN2000, HK53, HK21, Mini30, Police Special, VEKTOR, Colt Trooper.

=DRAG=Parabellum for the drag_mp5_navy, numerous contributions to Red Sun in its pre-HX5 days, including the original weapon stats and all drag_ sounds.

|TG| Trey ( of TacticalGamer.com ) for his compilation of the all-mighty weapons stats table.

Toxic Orb did the Jackhammer
SC*JONi did the RK95's
BSO_Wansu did the VSS, which was been re-worked by Raven

SVUA and Saiga 12K by Earl Laamanen, author of  SPETSGRUPPA VYMPEL

Various German, Canadian, and UK uniforms (and all files prepended with bjb_ ) are the work of BajaBravo (author of Sabre Teams)

All the Iraqi, Afghans, and Syrians were created by DTD Pro Mod Team, as well as the US Navy SEAL player character

All urban terrorists and other =DRAG= characters were created by Barbell (aka AceB, Stat Semper) for Red Sun in its pre-HX5 days

De_Dust Map created by RipperR6

All other maps and conversions were created/restored/modified by Harntrox exclusively for HX5, from material released to the public domain via RSE's level_plugins or other means.

=DRAG= NonToxic for kick-ass server support. Visit http://nontoxic.org  for the best internet security around.

=DRAG=Raven for anything else I forgot to mention -- man you have been a great help on this :)

=DRAG=Team of 2002 and anyone else who worked on Black Sun and pre-HX5 Red Sun and who's assets made it into this mod but didnt get explicit credit: please forgive the omission.

and big phat thanks goes out to:
All of the members of =FC=, =SEALZ=, RSI, BOA, XRW and affiliated gaming communities who have contributed their time and suggestions to this project during the months of beta testing. Especially the guys at =FC= who are hosting the HX Server! Without your support, this mod would not be what it is today. Last but not least, Red Storm Entertainment for this game engine and vision for the future of fan-created content thru modding.

project manager for HX5 and member of =DRAG= modworks