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Mission HX - Details here

HX5 Codename: Red Sun

this mod contains over 300 megs of original content created by numerous authors, used with their permission

HX5 Features:

  • 10 new maps
  • a complete 8 mission single player campaign on 7 new maps loaded with new vehicles and actors
  • over 200 unique weapons, distributed among 10 soldier classes and 20 kit restrictions
  • support for 100% un-modified GR kit restricts and stats, for squad practice without mods
  • support for your squads own custom kit restriction
  • 50 new actors, including 30 new mp player skins
  • 550+ hx5 kits with an additional 400+ arcade kits
  • a 4-platoon international kits restriction with unique weapons in each platoon
  • 40 new MP map configurations for team games, including 8 day/night conversions of original maps
  • 8 new coop game types: assault, rambo, demo run, firefight 85 & 200, interrogation, pow rescue, recon hx
  • 3 new solo games: behemoth hx, DeathMatch (yep pick up weapons in gr), and riot
  • 4 new team games: Capture the Flag!, siege hx, pow rescue, riot
  • 3 25-player coop games where you play as 1 team: defend, demo run, assault
  • over 30 additional coop missions including some that feature riding vehicles online in MP
  • 20 scripted defend missions -- 10x harder then the defend game type
  • 15 armor battle team-missions
  • server control scripts for new maps, cqb, and urban map rotation
  • command map grids for every GR map, synced to mortar rangefinder
  • new music, videos, and sound effects

    The Campaign

    HX5 features a fictional 8-mission campaign that takes place north of Iraq, in the region known as Kurdistan. The Ghosts will visit many exotic locations, meet the locals, defend some of them, and kill the rest. The terrorists are everywhere and in great numbers throughout Iraq, Iran, Syria, Kurdistan, and Turkey. These missions feature teamwork, stealth, and plenty of interaction with vehicles in new ways on new maps. Some of these missions are bandwidth dependant -- however, you should be able to get by on recruit with DSL or cable modem. Be warned -- these are not easy missions, and they each feature numerous random scenarios so it will be very unlikely you will experience the exact same challenge each time you play.

    The year is 2010.
    NATO has collapsed
    Terrorist cells have united worldwide to form the New Axis
    The USSR has been restored under a hard-line dictator
    The European Union, led by Germany, holds its ground in the face of the revival of the Cold War
    The UK and Commonwealth nations have joined forces in a unilateral stance against the EU and USSR.
    The United States now stands alone
    A new terrorist world order threatens to shatter world peace
    Your mission awaits – HX5 Codename: Red Sun

    Modding Tookit

    HX5 contains content for modders to write new missions with map placeable objects, new vehicles that work with players riding them online, new actors and new maps. As long as the clients have HX5, they will be able to play your server-side missions in single-player and multi-player. Check out this link for more info on writing missions for HX5.

    Custom Clan Kit Restrictions

    HX5 has open-ended server-side kit and weapons support. This means you can completely re-write the mod's kits and weapons on your server! The members of your squad need only to download one file: clan_restrictions.kil. All the rest of the .gun and .kit files can be modified on your server. The only limitation is you cant add new sounds or weapon models, but you can completely re-design everything else with guns and kits to suit your squads' specific needs. If a member doesnt have the new .kil, he/she wont crash, instead it will indicate that an update is needed by displaying a convenient message in the inventory bitmap.

    Have fun playing and modding with HX5!

    member of =DRAG= modworks

    ud 5/30/2007