Mission HX

A gametype that generates random missions for all Ghost Recon maps.


Does *not* require Desert Siege or Island Thunder.
Works fine with all your favorite mods and styles of play, this mod is designed as a 'bolt-on' expansion to take replayability to the next level.
Ghost Recon must be patched to the latest version, v 1.4.  You must set this mod to highest priority or there will be issues with the stock GR maps.

On medium-large sized maps, you will get 1-3 random objectives and 1-3 mines, depending on rec/vet/elite difficulty.
You will see new objects in-game such as crashed helos, tents, radio towers, ammo dumps and of course claymore mines (you can disarm!)
Objectives will be generated randomly each game. Enemies are placed in fireteams at least 100m from the players insertion zone, which is
also random each game. As a result of all this crazy randomness, it is highly unlikely that you will ever see the same mission on the same map.

Remember, this is a game-type - no longer do you have to open up the Igor editor to craft a mission; let Mission HX do it all for you 'on the fly'.




Four types:
1. Recon - Just walk over the zone shown on the map. Sometimes you'll get useful intel at the location.
2. Rescue - Get the POW to the extraction zone. POW's are vulnerable so pick your shots carefully. Sometimes you'll get useful intel from them.
3. Secure - Kill all enemies within 100m radius.
4. Demo - Place the charge on the zone, clear the area in 15 seconds. blast radius is 20m.

After completing all objectives, move out to the extraction zone.

Map Objects:
Yellow dots are vulnerable POW's. Colored zones represent incomplete objectives that are hidden upon completion.


who is this GRNET character anyways ?


Appear as stationary red dots on the map. Once tripped, you must stand still or suffer detonation. Call a demo expert to place a demo charge directly on top of the claymore to disarm it. blast radius is 10m.

If you keep your cool you might actually disarm the claymore, provided you also have a demo kit ...

Assault,Stealth,Teamwork and Objectives are each shown as percentages. Final Score is the average of Teamwork + Objectives only.

Get used to this color

Mission ends in 10 seconds if no players respawn. (When it sez 'Team wiped out')

Mission HX Versions:

Type:                      Mode:                 Info:
--------                  ---------              -------
Mission HX            Single Player       standard 6 player random mission
Mission HX            Coop                  standard 9 player random mission
Mission HX 27       Team                  3-Platoon 27 player random mission
Mission HX TvT     Team                  Adversarial - Red team tries to intercept Blue team en route to random objectives

Mission HX TvT:
The team vs team version is similar to domination, but instead of being based on simply time in a zone, it's based instead on
whether or not Blue team completes a random objective in the zone.  Red team scores points by killing Blue team or otherwise spoiling the
objectives in a variety of ways. (such as shooting the hostages, killing all the demo men, keeping the enemy pinned down until time runs out, etc.)
Its a thinking man's game that rewards stealth and teamwork, and having the objectives (shown) far away from the spawns (not shown) keeps the
action away from the spawns; hopefully reducing the SK'ing somewhat. The number of objectives is based roughly on the number of players on
the (Red) Opposing Force team divided by two. The score is always a percentage - both teams start with 50. Victory goes to the highest scoring

Enemy AI
What you'll notice right off is enemy fireteams reacting like they would in a mission (smart ai) vs. the less challenging and predictable
loners in firefight (dumb ai). They will flank you, use more explosives, and provide cover fire making for a much more intense firefight.
But the best part is the enemies start 100m away from your spawn (always a crashed blackhawk there). This prevents the usual
spawn killing, and allows for a mission to be completed entirely by stealth without kills, provided the objective is not 'Secure'.

Single Player - Re-Pick Team is the only way to replay a map. Quick Load/Save and Restart Mission are not supported - don't use them.

Running a Server without Desert Siege or Island Thunder - If you dont have DS or IT, you can uninstall the missions so they wont show up
on the server by running the appropriate  ' !_no_<mod>' batch files located in this mods' folder.

User-made map problems -  Players wont get stuck but occasionally POW's will. Shoot them and fail the objective if that's the case.
All you lose is points.

You must set this mod to highest priority or there will be issues with the stock GR maps.

have fun with this crazy mod !

=FC=Harntrox, 11 April 2005