A note to modders:

this mod contains many features never seen before in gr

* ride vehicles online (blackhawk ,ch53, hind, and motorycle only)

* destroyable windshields on all vehicles

* pilots you can shoot (and trigger events in your Igor script like helo crash)

* a null actor that you can use in your game types and scripts. basically this can be used
as a weapon/item pick up that floats in the air.

* map placeable objects (really vehicles) such as walls, fences, ceilings
even destroyable objects like generators and radio towers

* dynamic effects: you can move them as a hidden vehicle to a random location and
destroy them at your leisure. with some clever scripting you can easily generate
random airstrikes, mines etc rather than using a bunch of static effects that
take even more time to set up.

... many more features, take a look at the example mission files in this folder.

have fun modding for GR

==FC= Harntrox
member of =DRAG=

=DRAG= Memo
How the vehicle names are generated
by keeping all three (vcl, max, and pob) files in sync with same name, headaches are prevented!)

drag_ <vehiclename> <tags...> <-max version>

optional tags:

-20m flying vehicle height
-40m " " "
-a attack AI enabled, weapons determined by .vcl file
-c carries crew. has destroyable windows. no attack AI. Shooting pilot can destroy vehicle if scripted, including helo's.
-crash crashed version on ground. execute Destroy Vehicle to see the fireworks.
-doors has destroyable doors.
-cinema cinematic version or Single Player only. You can only use these as landing in MP, they cannot be moved or teleported, only shown.

=DRAG= Memo
How to make GR server crash and other errata (some are specific to HX5)

Type 2 air vehicles are specific to HX5 and a new addition to GR. They do not fly like tanks -- they fly straight. They will fly over any collision surface on the map and right through the floor if scripted to do so. Making them look realistic is up to the scripter. Their incredible features come with a few gotchas.

* You cannot place a crew in a type2 air vehicle (-c in .pob name) on a map with the 1st and 2nd sherman levels connected by paths or transitions. network messaging bug -- clients will crash but server and observers wont.

* Do not teleport the null_actor into geometry where it is out of player view. (i.e. through the floor). this will crash server.

* Do not respawn with a dead body in a type2 air vehicle. It will crash the server when the dead body is hidden. memory leak caused by network messaging bug.( takes 20 seconds after respawn to hide the players last dead body.)

* Do not assign a new path to a type2 air vehicle with a dead body in it. A contact point will be generated and the vehicle will be permanently stuck. (wont crash though)

* Some maps you can fly type2 air vehicles anywhere. Others, it depends on height. Pay attention to Z height and place like 10 on a map flying all around at once to see what the working height is for a given map. Once you find it, do not teleport the vehicle to another height. Teleport generates a contact point and it will get stuck.

* The vehicles initial position sets the contact point once. It will fly at that height until a new path set or it is teleported to a new Z height. Take a look at the modding folder for examples of how this can work on a variety of maps.

* Do not try to hide one member of a team with the rest shown unless their AI is turned off first in preaction. pathfinding bug will crash server.

* Do not hide vehicles with lights at the end of a mission. there is a serious problem in the game related to the memory not be dealloacted. a severe crash will occur in debrief, locking up your entire system.

* When hiding vehicles and their crew-teams, you can send additional message (after preaction) to hide vehicle but null reference will be created if you send additional messages to hide crew-team. thanks to the shadow-bug (another network messsaging bug) you must loop thru the team and make them invincible+invisible if you want to prevent server from being crashed when player shoots a shadow-figure.